How to Re-Ignite the Passion and Keep the Honeymoon Alive

  • Are you in a committed relationship and seldom see eye to eye anymore?
  • Is your marriage a well-oiled just-going-through-the-motions machine?
  • Did your spouse turn into a roommate and you cannot even remember when?
  • Do you barely have meaningful discussions anymore?
  • Have you had enough with living an unsatisfying couple life?

If you have answered yes at one of these questions, this workshop has been designed with you in mind. I am here to tell you there is HOPE!

  • You can gain your happiness and zest for life back!
  • Your spouse can be the friend, partner and support you long for!
  • You can keep true communication going on forever!
  • You can start looking forward to really living again!

You will leave this workshop with specific tools that will help you immediately improve your relationship.

Top Mind Tools for Successful Entrepreneurs & Success Mind Tools for Professionals

Do you want:

  • more focus in your business and life?
  • better communication (in business and personal)?
  • great rapport with people?
  • a better version of yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this presentation is for you.
By the end of the evening you will:

  • get immediate focus increase
  • have less fears and more goals
  • know how to get instant rapport with any person
  • learn the pillars of charismatic communication
  • get 3 specific ready to use tools for personal improvement

Life is not an either-or game, unless you allow or design it that way! Your path can be under your total control at all time. You will be introduced to the top mind-based techniques for success that are used worldwide by prime ministers, presidents and captains of industry.

Introductory Hypnosis Workshop

Have you ever wished you could:

  • instantly relax when you needed it? or
  • get an immediate boost of focus when you wanted?

If yes, then this event is for you!

This is a fun filled workshop, with lots of enjoying exercises and some uh-ah magic:

  • learn how to increase your focus and decrease distractions
  • hear what hypnosis can be used for
  • see how easy it is to get instantly relaxed

People are 90% of the waking time in some form of trance. Why not be in your own trance, one that you determine, with the outcomes you decide?

Come and play: it is fun, engaging and safe. You will get a feel for how suggestible you are, you will receive 2 powerful ready to use hypnosis tools and… will even find out what’s behind a stage show.

Charismatic Communication

Learn concrete ways to speak in a clear manner so all your listeners can get your message.

Discover which communication tools guarantee your audience will see the big picture effectively and easily.

Get a strong understanding of how your belief system tunes into your biology and notice how that impacts your body and behaviour.

Romanita will lead you through techniques to assist you in finding your own excellence and fulfillment.

Become The Best Version of Yourself

A transformational 2-day workshop that will enable you to learn concrete techniques to get 10 times more focused and relaxed when you need to go the extra mile either in your business or in your personal life.

You will hear and experience first hand how high efficiency feels like using the top mind-body tools in the industry. You will get new practical assessment tools and methodologies to use in your professional life, that will simplify your work, making it easily more effective and allow you in the same time to live the good life.

This comprehensive workshop is combining the 4 most powerful fields in business: executive coaching, positive psychology, hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).